Jessica Gross and Andrew Hevia Present "Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant"

We would call New Times Best Comedian of 2010 Jessica Gross

and Borscht Film Festival braintrust member Andrew Hevia a power couple in

the Miami arts scene if we weren't above such crass labeling.

Luckily for us, their union has finally produced a creative

endeavor: the hysterically raunchy Gross-produced, Hevia-written/directed web-series "The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant." The first series, comprised of five minute-long episodes, dropped late last month.

The episodes are quick and cover a range of taboo and sexual

topics ranging from STD clinics, masturbating with plush toys and power tools,

and anal sex with the elderly.

The genesis of the project came while Hevia attended FSU's film school in 2004. He distanced himself from the project out of fear getting a reputation as the guy who did sex films. For six years, the project gestated until late this summer when Hevia decided to turn it into a web-series. Gross came aboard as producer and utilized her connections in the Miami comedy scene to bring aboard comedian Pam Bruno as the female lead.

Hevia then tapped Borscht acting alum and virtuoso guitarist from the Miami hardcore outfit Homestrech Eric Anderson as the other lead.

Dan Savage's sex-advice column and it's fetish-positive position provided a source of inspiration for the web-series. Hevia explained that though a large portion of the web-series's humor is derived from laughing at various situations of sexual deviancy, it's underlying message is that though certain behavior may seem abnormal, it's probably more prevalent and natural than anyone wants to admit.

Although he is the writer, Hevia says that Jessica has a great deal of creative input, joking that her disapproving looks as a girlfriend is now emboldened power as the producer of the project.

Gross and Hevia want to eventually produce six five-episode seasons, utilizing a new cast from comedians and friends for each season. Hevia likes using comedians as actors becasue they're comfortable dealing with taboo subjects.

You can check out the very NSFW season of "The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant" below:

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Drew Spears