Jen Stark's The Beginning of the End Showing in New York

After a fateful art walk a couple years back we went home and dreamt that we vomited out Jen Stark's work. That sounds like a slight, but it's not. Star is one of our favorite local artists, and nothing would make us happier than having her calculated works of colorful mayhem emanating from our mouth. Or any orifice really. 

Stark has a new show hanging at LMAK Projects in New York right now titled The Beginning of the End that's on display until June 21st. We hate floating even half reviews of shows based on jpegs, but luckily Art Lurker has a review up:

Her most recent exhibition, The Beginning of the End, currently on view at LMAK projects (139 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002) offers up exactly what we have come to expect from Stark: bright colors, eye boggling configurations, geometric sculptural forms. Again, no doubt, this exhibition has sadly been conscientiously ignored by all but those who skirt the cultural periphery imagined by those who place themselves at its fictitious center. Her work has a strong following of awestruck non-art world admirers and graphic art sympathizers, but in the fortress of cultural elitism, high above the level of the clouds, they do not speak her name.

So, perhaps there are those that would say Stark's work reminds them of colorful, orderly vomit and not mean it as a compliment because it "doesn't mean anything." Though, Lurker isn't amongst them. 

Though, too often there's young artists who put their "ideas" (however half baked they are at the time) ahead of their technical skill and the whole thing comes out a mess. So, to riff on Lurker's review a bit here, it is kind of ridiculous to write off a young artists who's early career focuses heavily, and successfully on technique just because there isn't a clear, high minded academic agenda behind it at the moment. Just yet anyway. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder