Jen Stark, Freegums Among Artists Awarded Live-in Studio Space by LegalArts

LegalArt, in conjunction with the Knight Arts Foundation, has announced the first residents of its Live/Work program. What is Live/Work? LegalArt describes it as basically a subsidized artsy commune which will offer legal and professional services:

LegalArt's plan includes thirteen 900 square foot studios with a communal kitchen and showers; exhibition, lecture and legal counseling spaces as well as a comprehensive resource library, encouraging research, interaction, and collaboration. The subsidized cost of the studios per month is only $400 and includes all utilities and full use of the space.

The first six artist chosen include New Times MasterMind winner Jen Stark, Carlos Ascurra, Pachi Giustinian, Jiae Hwang, Alvaro "Freegums" Lizarbe, and Manny Prieres.

The space, which is being completed in the Downtown arts district, is expected to open this Spring.

The group will eventually be joined by "rotating short term residencies of national and international artists" and a space reserved for a visiting curators and scholars.

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