January's Second Saturdays Art Walk: the Most Crowded Art Walk Ever?

Although a lot of the galleries were showing ongoing exhibits that have been open pre-Basel, the streets of Wynwood were as full as they've ever been on Saturday night. Sure, some white cubes offered new work, which included glitter vomit, kitty rayguns, and hologram transformers. But it was pretty apparent that most of the crowd wasn't there based on our recommendations. In fact, they may have just shown up for the bevy of food trucks hawking pulled pork sandwiches, dim sum, and grilled cheeses. Way to steal the spotlight away from the art, Nacho Mama.

The Wynwood Market was bustling as well. Time-Peace,

the anti-time watch company we profiled last September, even had a

booth. We hope more indie Miami designers join the party.

Our favorite from the night? No, it wasn't the Jefe's Taquoitos we waited 20

minutes for. It was Clifton Childree's "Orchestrated Gestures" at Dorsch

Gallery. His arcade machine homage to composers who died

mid-composition is brilliant. Make a special trip to see it before it

closes January 22. Check the full

Art Walk slideshow.

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Amanda McCorquodale