Jacob's Pillow Holding Auditions for Miami Dancers

Nowadays, every TV viewer has an idea of what a dance audition looks like: a series of technical feats to a snippet of a pop tune in front of a cranky trio of judges, one of whom might burst into tears at any moment. But this weekend, young dancers are invited to audition for something entirely different.

"For So You Think Can Dance?, you need to learn all this material right now in order to go before an audience and perform it," says J.R. Glover, director of education for the School of Jacob's Pillow, a summer program for aspiring dancers at one of the nation's most respected dance festivals. Glover is coming to Miami, along with choreographer/teachers Chet Walker and Camille A. Brown, in search of 12 male and 12 female dancers each for the school's Contemporary and Jazz/Musical Theater programs.

"A lot of auditions are looking for dancers who can pick it up fast

right now or they get cut," she points out. But Glover doesn't believe

that makes for the best dancer. "Dancers need that time to go deep," she

explains. "Jacob's Pillow might be one of the few places they have that

time before they're thrown into a more competitive space."

So what will Glover and company be looking for at the auditions? "We're

interested in seeing the dancers' approach and how they learn," Glover

says, meaning if you hear a correction given to a fellow student, you'd

better make sure you're making the same adjustment too.

And what does she hope will happen by the end of the summer? With only

24 dancers selected for each program, Glover gets attached. So when she

receives an e-mail a few months later saying a dancer has landed a part

or made it to the final cut in one of those competitive auditions, she

knows she's done her job: "It means a lot to me that dancers are exposed

to opportunities that can get them where they want to go."

If you think you can go deep, drop by the audition on Saturday for

Jazz/Musical Theatre Dance and on Sunday for Contemporary. Registration

runs from 2 to 2:45 p.m. and auditions start at 3 p.m. at the New World

School of the Arts (25 NE Second St., Miami). The $15 audition fee is

waived for New World students. Call 305-237-3135 or visit

--Celeste Fraser Delgado of

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