Jack Donaghy Regrettably Won't Be Making It To Basel

If you haven't realized that 30 Rock is the single best thing regularly on the teevee right now Riptide pities you.

Last night's episode centered around Liz Lemon's high school reunion. Alec Baldwin's fictional NBC Exec Jack Donaghy offers Liz a hitch on the comapny jet on his why to Miami. Why is Jack going to Miami?

"Why does anyone go to Miami? Ass"

*Liz Lemon's disapproving stare*

"...and the burgeoning art scene."

Hahahaha, It's funny because it's true, but how timely then, hmmmmm, that it aired during Art Basel Week. Nothing is a coincidence in Tina Fey's world. Sadly, the art jokes ended there, because Oh! No! the plane malfunctions and Jack is stuck at Liz's reunion, and some sort of magical hilarity ensues. 

Anyway, congratulations to our burgeoning art scene. You're now relevant enough to be a cultural punchline on 30 Rock!

Full episode behind the "more" button, because why not.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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