J Lo Brings Q'Viva to FOX, Further Expands Her TV Domination

Have you wondered what J Lo is up to lately?

Of course you haven't. The woman is everywhere: judging American Idol contestants, shilling for Fiat, posing for naked photos with her boyfriend on Twitter.

But if you think we've hit the Jenny From the Block saturation point, think again. FOX has picked up an English language version of Q'Viva, J Lo's Univision reality show that scours the globe for Latin talent.

Spanish language viewers have been tuning in to Q'Viva since Jan. 28, watching as J Lo and ex-husband Marc Anthony, joined by director and choreographer Jamie King, fly from place to place in search of Latin American entertainers. The show's scheduled to premiere on FOX March 3 -- and according to The Hollywood Reporter, that'll bring J Lo's screen time on FOX this season to a full 60 hours.

"This is about creating a live visual experience about Latin culture, rhythm and dance," Lopez told Digital Spy. "I believe that people will be so enlightened, so enriched by this experience."

We believe most people will be enticed by the possibility of drama between Lopez and her ex, but whatever. Miami viewers will also be watching for another, more respectable reason -- the judges travel to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, and a handful of other countries that plenty of our residents call home.

Q'Viva will be fun to watch, but why stop at 60 hours? There's so much FOX programming that hasn't yet been enhanced by the fiery triple-threat that is Jennifer Lopez. She could easily fill in for Gordon Ramsay screaming at Hell's Kitchen contestants, or date one of Jess' roommates on New Girl. Let her audition on The X Factor, just to freak the judges out. We won't rest until our local FOX affiliate is all-J Lo, all the time.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.