It's Hug Your Cat Day! These Ugly/Amazing/Insane Kitties Need Your Love (Photos)

Today is national Hug Your Cat Day!  And what does that mean, exactly? Find the nearest pussy, give it a squeeze, and watch it purr. Well, unless it's one of those ill-mannered kitties with the temperament of an ear-hungry Mike Tyson (sans the calming pigeons). In these circumstances, do not hug these cats -- unless you're part of the Māori people of New Zealand or you want an easy prison face tattoo c/o of a claw swipe to the cheek and some pen ink.

And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we've decided to give you a pussypalooza -- short hair, long hair, no hair, and even spotted  --  all kinds of cats that deserve a hug. Crazy cat ladies, today is your lucky day.

Let's get this party started....

Cats that are so ugly, they need a hug:

What happens when Garfield doesn't get his daily serving of lasagna....

Satan's disguise when he visits earth.

This one got into a scuffle with a Mike Tysonesque kitty....

I willz eatz your souls

Charlie, the Voldemort cat:

Poor Charlie lost both his ears and nose in a nasty battle with skin cancer. He may look like Harry Potter's nemesis, but even The One Who Shall Not Be Named needs a little affection.

Amazing hug-worthy kitties:

How does he do it?! Years at Juilliard, that's how!

Spaghetti cat:

The most adorable censor ever

Tessa the Tabby:

We'd give her table manners more of an 11...it's the least we can give her after that humiliating paw-washing experience.

Cats you should hug STAT or they will TOTALLY FREAK OUT ON YOU:

Can we say Japanese cat torture?

We don't know whether to be appalled or entertained...or appalled that we're entertained.

And for the Grand Finale:

A kitten falls asleep in a teacup:

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