It's 4:20 p.m.? Time to Get Stupid.

We end our 4/20 coverage with a smiling Gary Busey, dancing bacon, cat crunking video mash-up. Here's a recap of what we learned this week:

1.    April 20th is actually a really depressing day in history.
2.    Stoners have vastly different ideas about why 4/20 is the Day of Weed.
3.    Cringe-y public service announcements make us want to smoke more, not less.
4.    Real stoners care about 4/20 about as much as real Mexicans care about Cinco de Mayo
5.    Miami is too lazy, apathetic, transient to ever pass legislation to decriminalize the herb
6.    We smell sexism laced with ganja: Ladies like to light up just as much as dudes, okay?

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