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Italian Documentaries Airing Tonight For Free at Societa Dante Alighieri

You've got to love the Italians that run the Italian International Film Festival in Miami. They're so...Italian. Never mind that they still haven't released the full schedule of feature films that start showing from Oct. 7-12--just over a week away--but even better, or worse, good luck finding out what documentary films will be playing at the Societa' Dante Alighieri tonight and tomorrow from 6 to 9p.m. Can we say they make Hispanics seem punctual?

But don't be too hard on our European brethren. After all, the films are being shown for free. And Claudio di Persia, president of the festival, went out of his way to provide us with the documentary list: 

Tonight's (Tuesday, September 28) schedule starting at 6 p.m.

The Hidden Face Of Fear (2008) - Directed by Enrico Cerasuolo, Sergio Fergnachino

Non c'e' piu' una majorette a Villalba (2010) - Directed by Giuliano Ricci

Ansia d'infinito (2009) - Directed by Clarita Di Giovanni

Wednesday, September 29, starting at 6 p.m.

Folder (2010) - Directed by Cosimo Terlizzi

I presepi della tradizione cagliaritana (2010)- Directed by Costantino Mazzanobile

Via Papale - Lost Road Of The Popes (2009)- Directed by Jeffrey L. Gilson

As well as the documentaries, the Italian International Film Festival will also present the "Life is too short" short film series on Saturday, October 2. Unlike in year's past, the films will be voted on by a jury of industry professionals, and a winning entry selected.

Saturday, October 2 at 1 p.m
Il Pallone Rosso - Dir. Mario Guarini, Attilio Bonadies, Italy 2010 - 14'38"

Bloody Mud - Dir. Salvatore Aquilani, Italy 2010 - 5'22"

Mai cosi`... vicini - Dir. Emanuele Ruggiero, Italy 2010 - 13'

The Good, The Beautiful, The Healthy - Dir. Silvia Maione, Italy 2010 - 4'39"

Il mio ultimo giorno di guerra - Dir. Matteo Tondini, Italy 2009 - 19'

Happy Birthday in Naples - Dir. Salvatore Orlando, Italy 2010 - 2'

Rossa Super - Dir. Paolo Geremei, Italy 2009 - 16'

Riflessi - Dir. Emanuela Ponzano, Italy 2009 - 15'

2000 - Dir.  Salvatore Orlando, Italy 2002 - 2'

The Man Who Kills - Dir. Alessandro Corradi, Italy 2010 - 8'41"

Il giorno e la notte - Dir. Livio Foini, Italy 2010 - 14'40"

Le nuvole bianche - Dir. Silvia Maione, Italy 2009 - 5'07"

Sotto il mio giardino - Dir. Andrea Lodovichetti, Italy 2007 - 19'53

Tonight (6 p.m.), Tomorrow (6 p.m.) and Saturday (1 p.m.), the Italian Film Festival at Societa' Dante Alighieri (618 SW 8th St., Miami). 

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