Is This the Most Culture-Filled Weekend Since Art Basel? Yes. Here's a Cheat Sheet

As your New Times calendar editor, it is my duty to implore you to get out this weekend and enjoy your city. There are so many festivals and special events going on, this weekend makes Art Basel look like a wimpy warm-up. Why event organizers couldn't spread all this goodness out is a mystery.

As we all know, come August - nay June - we'll return to being a humid ghost town where folks must beg for some culture. But that's all months away. Live it up in the present and use the following guide to help you plan your weekend. Hob nob with 50 Cent, watch Patrick Dempsey go fast, and get lost in the crowds of Fashion Week, Carnaval, and on and on.

Also, a member of the B-52s may be performing at a gala at the American Legion bar, Harvey Seeds. Read on to see if we're pulling your leg.


  • Miami Film Festival Open with Chico & Rita with Opening Night Party at the Freedom Tower

  • Inside the Fillmore, Biggie Shorty (Wanda Sykes) lays a little truth serum on you

  • Objects in the Wolfsonian transform into speakers for experimental sound performance Rainforest IV

  • Miami Made Weekend starts at the Arsht's Carnival Studio Theater. We'll be there looking or future New Times MasterMinds


  • Kevin Hart performs at the South Beach Comedy Festival

  • MiMo Madness Festival: Biscayne Boulevard comes alive with retro flair celebrating the strip's unique Miami Modern architecture

  • Mod Miami: Fred from the B-52s performs at a gala at Harvey Seeds! We loved writing that sentence.


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Amanda McCorquodale