Is the Miami Heat the Most Fashionable Team in the NBA? Chris Bosh Talks Miami Style

Usually, it's D-Wade who gathers all the complements off the court for his sharp-line suits and wing-tip shoes. However, it seems yet another style icon is looming on the Heat horizon.

As your champion Heat gear up to play the unfashionable Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Bosh wants Miami to know that he has a soft side for fashion, too. Sorry fanatics, you'll find no talk of stats or four-point-plays here. Instead, we caught up with the gentle giant of the 305 at the Express Yourself Runway Show to talk about his fixation with bow ties, his nights out with the boys, and why girls have it easy. The man, the myth, the undercover fashionista -- this is Chris Bosh behind the ball.

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Cultist: What do you expect to see from the Express Yourself Runway Show?

Chris Bosh: I don't know (he smirks). It's Express, so I'm sure they're going to come with it. I'm sure there's going to be some funky stuff going on. It's Miami - it's a good place for a fashion show.

Do you sport their gear normally?

I am right now. I don't go to the mall anymore, unfortunately, because of obvious reasons. Me being the height that I am, I never thought to check their stuff out. But, you know, at least their shirts fit me. I can look forward to going to Express more often.

What kind of menswear trends are you diggin' right now?

You know what? I like ties. I like the bow-tie trend right now; it's very, very cool. You can dress it up, and you can just as easily dress it down. Unfortunately, men are not like women. Women have the shoes, the accessories, the skirts, the blouses - women can do anything. For men, it's more limiting. I think it's cool, though. You have to be a little more creative in what you do. But right now I'm diggin' the bowties.

In what local boutique do you like to make it rain?

Atrium for sure. Atrium's awesome. The Vault has everything -- watches, shoes, menswear, women's wear. And the Webster is an awesome store, too.

Would you consider yourself a fashionista?

I wouldn't. No, I wouldn't. I mean, maybe. I'm not going to be a self-proclaimed dude, but I do keep up with fashion. When I step out, I like to be put together and to do that, you have to know what's going on. I try to keep my ears to the street.

What distinguishes Miami style and why?

I think Miami has its own flavor as far as the Hispanic community is concerned; it's always had that spice, the flavor, and the outgoing-ness of the city -- the bright colors and everything. But I think Miami's always been a city where you can dress up or dress down and you can kind of be cool -- wear your linens -- but at the same time, you can show up to an event, like this one, and wear your suit. You can show up in your swim trunks and a button up and be all right - you're freer to do what you want, to "express" yourself, and nobody will look at you weird.

Let's talk about being a "Big Daddy" -- what's it like having a new woman in the picture, AKA Dylan Skye?

It's been awesome. Just having a baby girl around -- words can't describe it. Just to have that added responsibility on your shoulders. I know it's all up to me. I try to be around my kids as much as possible to do the little things because it's not about anything else but spending time.

When you're not dribbling on the court, where do you like to hang out with your kiddies?

I like to go to the park. It's easy and they have a ball. Sometimes they want me to play with them, and sometimes they just want to know that I'm there.

Where do you and the (Heat) boys usually go after a win?

Sometimes we'll go to dinner, something simple. Usually Prime [112]; it's the spot in Miami and everybody likes it there. My guy Myles [Chefetz], he's the best. He always takes care of us.

What's your mantra?

I want everyone to start thinking 3P, for sure. Other than that, I'm just blessed to be here. I'm happy that I'm here and that everyone has accepted me.

You're a Dallas guy at heart, but what do you love about living in Miami?

The weather. The weather makes it easy. Time passes by -- it's a good thing and a bad thing. I mean, I've been here four years already, and it seems like I just got here. The weather, the people, and the fans - they make my job so much easier, which is tough already. It's the best place to play and I'm happy to be here.

So are we, Bosh man.

--Nycole Sariol

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