Is King of Diamonds Getting Its Own Reality Show? Watch the Trailer for Make It Rain

Strip club King of Diamonds is going mainstream. Maybe.

The club, subject of a recent New Times feature chronicling the lives of its owner, promoters, and dancers, could make the leap from niche hip-hop fame to full-fledged celebrity with a new reality show set right up on the main stage, according to reports. 

According to the blog Baller Alert, an undisclosed television network has picked up a show about the inner workings of KOD. It's called Make It Rain, naturally. And there's a trailer.

Granted, Baller Alert isn't exactly the last word in investigative reporting, and the post claiming the show is a go doesn't even name sources. But the trailer above looks, well, like something we can imagine playing after an episode of The Bad Girls Club. This isn't the first time we've heard about a reality show featuring the club. And as KOD seeks to maintain its status at the top of the Miami strip club scene, a reality show could be the perfect solution. 

We're awaiting official comment from the club itself. Our girl Skrawberry, for her part, says she's not involved.

"Idk anything about a KOD show," she told us last night via text. "Even though I would love to have my very own!"

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