Is Evelyn Lozada Writing a Novel About Life as a Basketball Wife?

The rumors are definitely circulating, but as we have no official release in our clammy little hands, we'll just say Evelyn Lozada might be writing a novel. (And by writing, we assume that means dictating tales to a bored ghostwriter.) According to the Bleacher Report and Black Sports Online, her foray into fiction will be called The Wives Association and will be loosely based on her life as fiancee to former NBA baller Antoine Walker.

Considering that this is a woman who recently turned a hurtful insult into a best-selling T-shirt, this latest brand extension seems highly likely. And really, if Snooki can have a book, why not a basketball wife?

In the book, Lozada's alter ego will be Eve Inez-Landon. The use of her

real first name is just one of the project's many confusions between

reality and fiction. As Lozada reportedly told EUR's Lee Bailey:

I have a bunch of journals from when I was in my previous relationship

and I would write down everything that was going on of how I felt, or

what was going on in my life. And then when I started moving out, I

found these journals and I started reading them. And I'm like, "Oh my

God, this is crazy - everything that I went through!"

I have a lot of girlfriends that were married, and still married to a

lot of these players. And the stories you hear - what goes on with the

staff, and just living in that circle - I don't think anybody can relate

unless you live in it. So I figure why not come out and make a juicy

book about it.

So if life as a basketball wife (or as in Lozada's case, a basketball

fiancee) is so unbelievably juicy, why fictionalize it? From what we can

tell from the VH1 show, which we awarded Best TV Show Set in Miami, life

as a basketball wife throwing cocktails at other "chicks with too many rhinestones and

entitlement problems." So perhaps Lozada's novel will include two things her memoir couldn't: an actual marriage to an athlete and real drama.

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Amanda McCorquodale