Iron Man 3 Preview to Debut During Super Bowl XLVII (Video)

The Super Bowl isn't just for beer-swilling jocks. In fact, it's the one day of the year when nerdy film types join their beef-brained rivals in the crowd around the TV screen. But not for the game -- for the movie previews.

The pauses between plays during the Super Bowl have become an arena for debuting new clips from bajillion-dollar Hollywood blockbusters, especially those that have action movie geeks quivering in anticipation. (Remember the Battleship reveal last year? Okay, that's maybe not the best example.)

This Sunday, those nerds will be extra-quivery, because a lengthy preview of Iron Man 3 -- yes, the same one that filmed scenes here in South Florida -- is set to run.

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Today, Marvel released a new movie poster and the 10-second clip above, which previews Sunday night's preview. Overkill? Sure. But it's Tony Stark, so you know you're going to watch it anyway.

The pre-preview doesn't shed any new light on the film; if you want a longer look, check out the full trailer. That trailer came out shortly after Iron Man 3's cast left Miami -- too soon, perhaps, to feature any footage shot in our backyards.

Here's hoping Sunday's preview features plenty of new footage -- including a taste of home.

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