Instagram-Famous Mini Pigs Priscilla and Poppleton Visit Miami Beach

Forget pigs in a blanket. Pigs in pink bows, bathing suits, and pearls are way better. That’s why the world has fallen in love with Priscilla and Poppleton, two very adorable, very photogenic miniature pigs.

Prissy and Pop, as they’re colloquially known, are Instagram celebrities, boasting a whopping 422,000 followers. The two make their home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, but spent spring break in South Beach, where they met some of their many admirers and, according to Instagram, drank piggie coladas.

Melissa Nicholson, mom extraordinaire to the two piggies, took them on a whirlwind tour of Miami Beach sights and sounds, including hosting a meet-and-greet at the Savoy Hotel last Wednesday. Despite getting only a couple of hours' notice via Instagram, several dozen Prissy and Pop fans showed up.

"We were thrilled at the turnout. For just about five hours' notice, we were happy to have close to 75 people attend. That's the hotel estimation including a few late arrivals," Nicholson says. "The pigs enjoyed all the Cheerios the fans fed them as well."

Here’s the rundown of what else the three did during their week:

“We hung around the pool and beach at the Savoy and met the model and crew for Burlington Coat Factory (they were there shooting their swimsuit ad), as well as many other guests. We went shopping on Lincoln Road. We ate out at places like News Café on Ocean Drive and Nexxt Café on Lincoln Road, amongst others. The pigs got shirts at American Apparel and did a quick photo shoot in their dressing room for their social media page. We went to Lummus Park. We visited Petco in South Beach. We had our meet-and-greet. We spent one night at the Surfcomber Hotel and grazed amongst ‘the herd’ on their property (cow and sheep statues). We visited Dog Bar, an upscale pet boutique. We had yogurt at Pinkberry — the pigs love the fruit toppings. We met lots and lots of people everywhere we went who loved taking selfies with the pigs.”

That was a full agenda for the petite porcine pals. So what did the piggie duo like best about Miami?

“Their favorite part was the beach,” Nicholson says. “They love rooting in the sand!”

“Pigs are the fourth-smartest animal,” Nicholson explains. “They are smarter than cats and dogs. They have the intelligence of a 3-year-old. They are pack animals and love having another animal to bond with. They don't usually like to be picked up because they are prey animals, but they are superaffectionate and love to cuddle.” 

As far as people looking to acquire a mini pig, it shouldn’t be a snap decision, Nicholson advises.

“If you are interested in one, please do your research. Pigs grow at least two to three years and often exceed size expectations given by breeders. A 100-pound pig is still a mini pig.”

Many are rehomed because of size, so prospective owners need to be OK with a larger pig before they jump into ownership. “Size is hard to predict even when looking at the parents. Prissy and Pop were both unusually small runts but still have some growing to do! Pigs are also very smart, so they need a lot of attention and stimulation. You need to have the time to devote to these amazing animals if you decide to get one. 

“And pigs are friends, not food!” she adds. “I have become a complete vegetarian again since owning them.”

Good thing, because bacon probably wouldn’t be a popular choice with Priscilla and Poppleto. You can follow them on Instagram at @prissy_pig.

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