Insidious 2's Patrick Wilson and Lin Shaye on Sex, Sequels, and Scaring You Senseless

So Joshua from Girls and Magda from There's Something About Mary all walk into the Soho House.

No, that really happened. Sure, Patrick Wilson and Lin Shaye are known for more than that, but they found a snuggly place in your heart for those two roles alone. And now, you too can see them together in Insidious 2.

The horror-thriller is the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed 2010 film Insidious, and it hits theaters today. Josh and Renai Lambert (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) pick up where its creepy predecessor left off. While we don't want to give too much away, we will say this: Loved the first one? You'll love part two. Why? Because it's going to keep you up at night. Really, what more do you want from your scary movies?

So to get into the Friday the 13th spirit, we sat down with Wilson and Shane to talk sex, sequels, and their joy in scaring you senseless.

Miami New Times: So, how are you enjoying Soho House?

Patrick Wilson: Very good. Can you say something bad about this place?

Lin Shaye: I tried to hate it. I mean, I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "I hate it here." (Laughs) Honestly, I couldn't love this hotel more. Who doesn't like Miami Beach?

Well, it's not for everyone.

Wilson: I grew up in St. Pete. I have been here a handful of times. I like it.

Shaye: Not to age myself, but I used to visit here when I was little. We would take the train from Detroit, Michigan. Yes, I said the train. It took three days. It was always awesome, though.

Lin, you filmed There's Something About Mary Here, right?

Shaye: I did. I was here for another, but I can't remember it. It probably wasn't worth remembering. People compare Miami to Vegas. I much prefer Miami. Such a great party town.

You get down, Lin?

Shaye: Maybe a time or two.

I feel like I am here with two legends. Patrick, do you mind if I bring up the Girls episode?

Wilson: I knew that was coming.

You saw a twenty-something headed your way and just assumed?

Wilson: (Laughs) No, I have had grandmothers bring it up to me. I got quite a few text messages after that aired. The power of social media, my wife stepping and then Lena, it kind of blew it up. I mean, they literally wrote a Huffington Post article on that episode. It caused a lot of controversy.

Shaye: I never saw it. What happened?

Wilson: The scope of the show, it's me and her. I come in because because she is putting the trash from her job into my bins. She comes over to apologize. The rest of the episode is this love affair in my brownstone. Its two mismatched, clingy people. Really, it didn't fit into the season at all. People thought, "Is this a dream?" It was this little French film in the middle of the season.

It's kind of strange to see you with clothes on now.

Wilson: I was naked, she was naked. People came out and said, "These people would never be together." Men, women, everyone. It was weirdly sexiest and disrespectful. I loved it, but it did what it did.

Did you ever think that episode would be such a big deal?

Wilson: No, not at all.

What about this movie? Did you ever think it would be so successful that there would be a part two?

Wilson: I knew that if it wasn't taken care of, it would be a real shame. It had such potential for a two, but you never know. It was different. It was bold. It messed with convention. You move, but you never do that in a haunted house movie. In the first half of the movie, it really plays on this family drama. Second half, when Lin comes in, it takes a turn. With Insidious, I knew if they marketed it right, it would be successful. But we left the first with, "Hey, maybe there could be a two." If there wasn't, it would just be a great horror film. Now with the two, it is all up to the fans to support.

I only ask because I feel like many sequels are just made for a buck.

Shaye: Exactly. If were going to make a part two, it was going to be in the same style with the same cast. Also meaning with budget. Neither of these films was made on a huge budget. Jason Blum explains it like this: "If you have a little purse, you stuff it. If you have a big purse, you stuff it." Meaning, if you get a bigger budget, you just fill it with nonsense. If a two was going to be made, we had to stay within the first budget.

Wilson: With us, it all came together. It was a wonderful experience to shoot and was commercially successful. Weirdly, we all really love each other and want to shoot together again. That has never happened to me.

Here is the real question: do you enjoy making horror films?

Shaye: It's all about the fans, honestly. Horror fans are strong and true.

So, is it just work?

Wilson: It's just work, and I don't mean that in a non-passion filled way. I approach it the same way I would a comedy or an episode of Girls. You have to get the script, where is the character going, etc. Not every role is going to be Hamlet, but before I take it, I make sure it's something I am passionate about. It has to be different.

You are so freaking scary in this movie. It's not the house, it's you. Is that pressure?

Wilson: You just have to go for it. I give it all back to the director, honestly. If I do it a couple of scenes, I have someone telling me, "Push back. Give more. Wait, that's just right." He knows my strengths, he knows what he wants, and we just work together. Pretty much, we are football team.

Why are Insidious fans going to like part two?

Wilson: Wow, that's a loaded question. Real fans are like Star War fans. You have to look at the whole picture. If you are a real fan of horror and maybe a little supernatural because of the place it goes, you are going to love this even more, because we go even further.

Shaye: There is one moment, that even as an actor, it shocked me. It just turns. I mean, it's brilliant!

I put my nails into my friend's knee. He wasn't too psyched about that.

Shaye: I was sitting next to the head of the studio. There was one scene, that I was so scared I hit him in the chest. I mean, he signs my checks. He wasn't too psyched about that. He moved three seats away after that. But that's the great thing about this film!

How does it make you feel that after this movie, it was hard to sleep at night?

Wilson: Well then, I did my job.

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