Inaugural Miss Overtown USA Pageant: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Miami's Overtown is getting its first beauty pageant in what should be considered one step forward and a few stiletto-stumbling steps backward. It's a move forward because Miss Overtown USA and Teen Miss Overtown USA are part of the Overtown Rhythm & Arts Festival. And we all know that the once thriving and prosperous heart of black Miami is long overdue for a cultural renaissance. (What the heck is happening with the Lyric Theater?)

It's also a step forward for the winners, who will receive college scholarships in addition to modeling portfolios, gym memberships, and evening gown wardrobes. It's tough to find fault with any program that results in young women from Miami's less privileged neighborhoods going to college. But keep in mind that Miss Overtown USA and Teen Miss Overtown USA will eventually compete in Miss USA -- that out-of-touch meat parade that pumps out brain farts like Carrie Prejan.

Remember Prejan? The dimwit who coined the term opposite marriage when

asked about marriage equality during Miss USA 2009? Or Caitlin Upton, who

could hardly put together a coherent sentence when answering a question

about America's education system? These are not the kind of women you

want your daughters to grow up to be.

And then it came out that Prejan had posed for nudie pics -- an offense

that stripped the crown from the first black Miss USA, Vanessa Williams.

But Prejan was able to keep her crown even after it came out that her silicone

breasts were paid for pre-pageant by the Miss California Pageant.

You see, the modern-day Miss USA pageant is not too different from the first one

in 1921 when each part of the woman's body was given a

qualitative score -- yes, like a cow before butchering. Pepsi, a company

that doesn't seem to mind the adverse health effects of its corn

syrup-based products, even grew a conscience and pulled its sponsorship

of the pageant, citing, "Miss America as run today does not represent the

changing values of our society."

We hope the 12 contestants in Miss Overtown USA and Teen Miss

Overtown USA fight for the crown, take the college scholarships, and run.

Run away from any future events that line you up next to Carrie Prejans and

ask you to strip down to your skivvies so a couple of suits can tell you

how special you are. Take the scholarship and run. Oh, and we hope somebody pulls a Little Miss Sunshine.

From commenter Stretch below, "For a real look into the pageant, and a peek at the beautiful and talented young black women who are participating, please visit"

See the Miss Overtown USA and Teen Miss Overtown USA at Booker T.

Washington Senior High School (1200 NW Sixth Ave., Miami) Sunday,

March 27, at 5 p.m. Visit

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Amanda McCorquodale