III Points: Strangeways Zine Release Party Kicks Off the Festival

The III Points festival is nearly upon us and soon, artistic happenings will spread from Midtown to Wynwood like a red tide taking over the culture of the night. For some of you, the interest will fall on the music; for others on the visual artists; and some of you will get all riled up about the technology side of the events taking place.

Fortunately, this weekend's Strangeways release party will be catering to all three inclinations - a one-stop cure all for whatever you fancy at III Points.

The Miami-based zine is partnering up with the midtown lounge - which just so happens to have the founder of III Points, David Sinopoli, as its music director - to open up the festivities next week with a new issue, which will feature a dynamic range of artists and works intended to be representative of the multifaceted nature of III Points itself.

"I am very happy with the turnout and the response i got from the art community and also the help from submitters on getting the word out for the open call," writes an anonymous spokesperson for Strangeways, who stated s/he was only a bit disappointed in terms of the lack of 3-D submissions.

Strangeways has a way of attracting all sorts of Miami artists, so that each issue has its own character, its own feel, a result of a varied pool of aesthetics in the submissions to choose from and a keen eye on the editorial side that manages to stitch them into one cohesive vision.

In the past, many of the zine issues have had themes - from fear to fantasy. But the Strangeways crew decided against making its upcoming issue a special III Points edition.

"Since III Points is art, technology, and music," the spokesperson explained, "we felt that having a theme would constrict showcasing certain styles, concepts and techniques, and it would be more difficult to find or create work for a theme, since that used to be the case in the earlier zine issues of Strangeways."

Simply put, the goal of this particular issue boils down to a very simple, straightforward idea: "So getting back to the content, it would just be as many artists as we can showcase, one work at a time showcasing their medium of choice."

The folks at the magazine have been fairly tight-lipped about how the artwork is going to be exhibited and which artists are going to have their work shown this Thursday, but according to the III Points website, the evening will feature the sounds of Santiago Caballero, and just after the release party, there'll be a show with performances by Miami Horror, Dude Skywalker, and Pirate Stereo.

In addition, there will be a handful of giveaways and copies of Strangeways to be had. "This issue is worth it," promised the people behind Strangeways. "Lots of great pieces and known names."

The Strangeways Release Party will be going strong from 6 PM to 9 PM at Tvvinhaus DIY Headquarters (2600 N Miami Ave, Miami) with free admission with RSVP.

For more information or to reserve your passage into the party, visit

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