III Points Festival: The TM Sisters Take You Into Their (Samsung) Galaxy

The III Points festival is a three day long celebration of those three essential elements we can't seem to live our lives without: art, music, and technology. Taking place Thursday through Saturday, October 3-5, various artists using various platforms will be blending the three components for our viewing and listening pleasures.

Local artist duo the TM Sisters, comprised of sisters Tasha and Monica Lopez de Victoria, will be taking over the Hangar Gallery and turning it into their canvas.

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The event is officially called TM Sisters at Samsung Galaxy Gallery, because aside from sponsoring the event, the sisters will be exhibiting their work using the latest Samsung Galaxy screens and tablets in order to create an immersive artistic experience. "We are super proud to have our videos on display with the leading innovator of technology," say the sisters, who together responded to a set of our questions as one. "It is great to collaborate with a company that is open to such new developments in the art/music/tech worlds," they add.

The TM Sisters are known at last partially for their video art, which consists of mashing up HD with Lo-Fi footage of people along with light effects and patterned animations. "We enjoy playing with unexpected sources of light and bending colors to make new shapes and patterns," they explain. It is also fairly common to sometimes see the sisters immerse themselves into their art installation as part of an additional performance element.

One of their recent creative ventures involved them partnering with Beck's beer to design a special piece of art to be displayed on the glass bottle; they also opened a new exhibition, "Prismavolt," at David Castillo Gallery earlier this month. As a side gig to being a artists, the sisters also VJ at clubs, bars, museums, and galleries.

During III Points, the TM Sisters are collaborating with a fellow festival performer, YACHT, in order to fuse the three points of art, technology, and music. "YACHT has constructed some spacey and 'galactic' sounds for the overall beaming and otherworldly atmosphere." Sounds they can only describe as "science fiction you can dance to."

As far as incorporating art, music, and technology, the TM Sisters have been doing that for years - practically since diapers. Their father was always involved in the technology of the era, they say, "so working digitally came to us naturally at a young age." Together, Tasha and Monica spent their teen years organizing underground music events and working on 'zines, which, they say, facilitated their "constant collaborations with bands, musicians, and nightclubs."

"We believe in the message of combining all three of these points [art, music, and technology] to create the most dynamic experiences."

You can catch the TM Sisters' otherworldly galactic exhibit at the Hangar Gallery on Friday October 4 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday October 5, starting at 3 p.m. as part of the III Points festival in Wynwood.

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