III Points 2014 Fashion: Goth Kids Are the New Cool Kids

Fashion isn't an official thematic prong of the III Points music, art, and technology festival, but it is something to be taken seriously when on festival grounds.

Every hipster, scenester, freak, geek, and beauty queen is out to impress, or maybe just to get as weird as possible. We saw a lot of strange fashions at III Points, but we knew we'd see one fashionable staple above all else -- the color black.

This is our visual love letter to that most basic and not-basic of colors (or not-color).

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Here's the thing. Anyone who stood inside III Points for five minutes left covered in a sticky layer of body fluids. It was a sauna in there. We can't imagine this fella was comfortable by any stretch of the imagination, but that's the kind of lengths you have to go if you want to be "I tried to look like I didn't try" chic.

If you're going to hang with your friend in all black, going sci-fi blinding white is an absolutely bossy move. Standing with your perfect opposite friend in front of a black and white art drop is a next-level bossy maneuver. We hope these two never moved from this spot.

The hat on this girl? Everyone and your mom is wearing one this fall. Doped-up, I-didn't-care-in-high-school-and-I-don't-care-now facial expression sold separately.

If we were standing on a street corner and these people invited us to an interstellar fetish party in a basement that smelled like whiskey puke and broken-in leather, we would just be like, "how soon can we get there?"

This is a t-shirt of Kanye West eating an ice-cream cone. That is all.

She may have killed the last wooly mammoth to get this jacket, but she wears it better anyway. We're now incredibly upset goth wasn't really "a thing" in the '60s.

We're not exactly sure what's going on here, but it's certainly unique. It's like, he knew it was hot as the devil's dong inside, so he did the sensible thing and wore shorts -- but tied the sweater around his waist, just in case.

This is what goth kids would look like if the popular kids actually wanted to hang out with them.

If these people aren't the next big thing to take the blogosphere by storm, then the blogosphere is broken. Like, they don't even need to play any instruments, but they need to start a band immediately. We'll pre-order the vinyl today.

If you take one image away from III Points festival, if there could be but one picture to keep your in mind forever and always, this is it. You don't need words to describe the weekend. Just this.

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