I give good head. Just not to him!

Hello, Kitty: I've always enjoyed giving oral, but I rarely do it to the guy I'm dating now. I haven't lost my zeal for it — it's just that this guy's penis is really small, and the experience isn't as pleasurable for me. He never mentioned wanting more head or even asked why I don't do it — until we were getting wasted with friends one night and one of my bigmouthed girlfriends mentioned my love of sucking cock. Ever since, he's been asking me why he didn't know about this, and I don't want to tell him the real reason. So what can I say without making him feel bad?

Betta Hed



oral sex

Hey, Betta: Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, it's going to take some 'splainin' from you to clean up the mess that your bigmouthed friend has created and keep your guy from feeling insecure. There's no need to mention the size of his boat is the reason you're not slobbing on his knob like corn on the cob. A better excuse would be something like, "That was back when I was young and wild" or perhaps, "She's lying." The second would work even better if your girl got in on the conversation and explained it was just a drunken statement, something like a party favor to make the evening more fun. No man wants to hear that his girl is a headbanger for everyone but him, so let him down easy. Whatever you do, don't overcompensate. If you suddenly start giving him oral on the regular, his peen will rise but so will some very suspicious red flags about your commitment to wetting his schlong. Meow.

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