Hurricane Sandy's Effects Bolstered Miami's Wave-Starved Surfing Community

Miami Beach is hardly a surfer's haven. With the Bahamas blocking off any swells from the east and Cuba locking us away from any southern waves, it takes a very peculiar set of circumstances for our stretches of ocean to come alive with the sharp crests and strong peaks for which surf rats of all credos long.

While this hellish bitch we've come to know as Sandy, the savage freak of a storm, has spent the last day and a half lashing away at the cities of New England, ripping cranes out of the sky in New York City, and bringing the Hudson River's frigid waters into the streets, we in Miami were witness to a very different kind of hurricane weather. For us, Sandy's effects created a perfect moment along the coast, one that transformed the Miami Beach coast into an unfamiliar but welcome setting -- a place where something rare and magical happened both in and out of the water.

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