Hunger Games Cast Members, Rabid Fans to Take Over South Florida Mall

If you read all three Hunger Games books in as many days, follow the Capitol Couture blog, and have a "Hunger Games" alert set up in Google News (not that we do any of those things), prepare to be very excited.

If, on the other hand, you're not a fan of the crazy popular series of novels and/or the upcoming film, you might want to avoid Westfield Broward Mall on March 8.

Cast members from the film are embarking on a nationwide mall tour, and South Florida is on the agenda.

We don't have specifics yet, but Deadline.com reports that each stop on the tour will include a Q&A with fans, so you can ask Jennifer Lawrence herself whether she's Team Peeta or Team Gale. There will also be giveaways of Hunger Games gear. Mockingjay pins for all!

Cast members scheduled to appear at Westfield Broward Mall March 8 include Jennifer Lawrence, who plays central character Katniss; Alexander Ludwig, who plays her bloodthirsty rival tribute Cato; and Amandla Stenberg, playing the quick and quiet tribute Rue.

Of the eight cities on the tour, Miami's one of just three that'll host Lawrence, the girl on fire herself. Commence geeky fangirl squealing in three, two, one....

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