How Will and Jada Smith Can Survive Their Possible Celebrity Divorce

Please say it isn't so! Just when we thought at least one couple would survive in Hollywood, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith might be on the way out. There are rumors that the couple is "separating." Although the comely pair recently denied such rumors, we all know this is how these celebrities breakups go down.

It seems Will spent last weekend partying at Miami's Setai, Prime 112, and Fontainebleau. So while we have him in earshot, here are some tips to help Will and Jada survive the potential upcoming battle.

1. Wait to date.
This is an important bit of

advice that no one in Hollywood listens to. Jennifer Aniston and

Brad Pitt's divorce showed us that no matter how much you "love" this new

beau, it's just in poor taste to move on too quickly, and it will follow

you until you die. 

2. Don't let the divorce get in the way of work.
Will and Jada have created an empire, and divorce shouldn't ruin that. The recent split of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony,

who stated, "Together we make magic" (referring to their working

relationship), shows you shouldn't let it end when you could possibly erase the

national debt with your paycheck. 

3. Don't make it a reality show.

We're looking at Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. Although they were a reality show

prior to their split, there is nothing worse then watching a failing relationship

fall to a horrible, crushing death. Oh wait -- we mean nothing better. It's

like roadkill -- can't look away. 

4. Don't fight over the kids.
This tip goes out to Kelsey and Camille Grammer. Will and Jada have two very

successful children. One wrong move and these kids will end up in rehab

or worse, VH1's Where Are They Now?

5. Celebrate!
We know it seems difficult at a time like this, but follow cues from Jack White and Karen Elson, who threw a huge party to commemorate their divorce. Nothing says, "I

love you but I'm not in love with you anymore," than a bottle of tequila, some piñatas,

and your closest friends. Just watch where you swing that piñata-crushing bat.

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