How to Stage Your Own Death in Six Easy Steps With the If I Die Facebook App

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Step four: Choose your "trustees"
A friend you can trust to take you, your reputation on Facebook, and the If I Die app seriously -- all at the same time -- is a special friend indeed. Sadly, if you're genuinely invested in posting your final words to Facebook upon your death, you might not have enough of them to proceed. If I Die requires at least three "trustees," or Facebook friends you've authorized to report your death, to confirm your passing in order to post about it to the rest of the world.

That, in turn, sends an app request to your chosen few, requiring them to accept the honor. If your friends don't respond, it might be because their settings have turned off app requests from their friends. It might also be because they secretly despise you, because you're always bugging them with stupid requests like these.

Probably, though, it's because they fear they're not good enough to take on the responsibility -- nay, the honor -- of trusteeship. Try your best to persuade them of their worthiness.

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