How to Snag a Firefighter: Straight From a Hero's Mouth

We've heard that if you want to know the facts of a particular subject, you should go directly to the source. So when we saw the teaser photo of the South Florida 2012 Firefighter Calendar, we thought to ourselves: "We want one of those." And to find out how to grab one, we went to one of the brave men themselves.

While we can't guarantee you can snag one for yourself, we do make sure you can see twelve of them up close and personal. Tonight, the hometown calendar hunks will greet fans, pose for

pictures, and sign the $17 calendars at the alligator fountain near

Murphy's Law Irish Pub at the Seminole Hard Rock in support of Here's

Help, A Safe Haven for Newborns and Friends Forever Rescue charities. In celebration of the event, we asked Gary Hough of Miami-Dade

Fire Rescue exactly what fans can expect from the event to what ladies

have to do to get themselves a firefighter of their very own.

Miami New Times: So, tell me what fans can expect from the firefighter calendar event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino?
Gary Hough: Fourteen incredible firefighters who have trained hard. We're dedicated to not only looking amazing but also taken on a new lifestyle and learning about a balance and healthy diet. Fans will have an opportunity to see all of us perform on stage after we're going to be interacting with our fans by signing and taking photos with them. All the money raised will go to three great charities: Here's Help, A Safe Haven for Newborns, and Friends Forever Rescue Charities. We hope to impress the beautiful ladies.

Was there an audition process for this project or were you asked to be a part of it?
First you apply, after there is an initial interview and a photo shoot to show off your body.  From there, the South Florida Firefighter calendar judges/staff narrow down candidates to the top 25 firefighters.  Then every year on Secretary's Day in April, the 25 finalists show off their best moves wearing bunker pants while trying to sway the girls in the audience to vote for them. This is a great way for hard-working secretary's to blow off steam and spend an afternoon judging 25 shirtless, dancing firemen. The next step is the unveiling of the winners from Secretary's Day. This is what's occurring at the Seminole Hard Rock on August 18th, with more shirtless, dancing Firemen.

Now that you were picked for calendar, do you officially know you're hot?
Not at all. All of us are just ordinary firemen that were fortunate enough to make the final cut.  I am honored if people feel that way, but it's more about using your talents to bless others.  We're doing just that by raising money for Here's Help, A Safe Haven for Newborns, and Friends Forever Rescue.

What does your significant other think of you being part of this?
She is very supportive and feels this is a fun and amazing way to raise money for 3 great charity's. To date, the non-profit organization has raised over $240,000 to benefit charities.

Here's the real question: what does your mom have to say?
My  mom thinks it's awesome.  She made sure that all her friends from the Garden Club, church group, and at the gym were well aware that her son is in the South Florida Firefighters Calendar.  She already has many calendars pre-sold.  You gotta love mom.

Be honest: Did you become a firefighter just because the ladies think it's hot?
No, my initial draw was the adrenaline rush along with the feeling of helping people in need.  The fact that some ladies think our profession is hot is icing on the cake.
Why do you love your job?
The best part of my job is knowing that we are saving life's. Four-months ago, a 4-year-old boy laid lifeless in my arms, he came by the station three weeks ago escorted by his mother. He thanked me for saving his life.  You cannot put a price on that feeling. 

What the ladies and maybe some gentlemen want to know: are any of your fellow calendar cuties single?
Yes. I am sure the single guys will take full advantage of the opportunity to meet beautiful women. Perhaps they'll meet "the one."

And if they want to land themselves a firefighter, do you have any tips?
I'm not sure I can speak for all firefighters, but be someone who is funny, smart, outgoing, beautiful inside and out, someone who is independent, who shares the same dreams and desires, and is not afraid to be themselves.  If I could sum it up in one word, I would want someone who is "genuine."

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