How to Have Fun During a Tropical Storm

As we write this, tropical storm Bonnie is banging at our back door, and our cars will soon be roof-deep in sewage-tainted floodwater. But there's culture to be had out there, dammit! So we built a boat out of discarded pizza boxes and empty bottles of Proactive. (We've been watching a lot of Dual Survival). And once our vessel proves flood-worthy, here's where we're headed:


  • Jacuzzi Boys play Churchill's tonight. They have a new seven-inch due out soon. It'll be released on Mexican Summer, the same label of Best Coast, Kurt Vile, and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.
  • Still coasting on his Life Aquatic fame, where he performed David Bowie

    songs in Portuguese, Seu Jorge comes to Miami Beach's Fillmore. Maybe

    he'll do some songs from Labyrinth tonight? Pretty please?

  • Breaking news: Andrew Lloyd Webber's hokey musical Cats was

    actually based a much cooler production by a Spaniard titled

    Gatomaquia. See it tonight at the International Hispanic Theatre


  • What is it about water falling the sky that makes us all

    want to watch a movie? Stop thinking so hard and just go see Goddard's

    Breathless at the Raleigh Hotel ballroom. The Miami Beach Cinematheque

    organized the screening as they transition to their new space.

  • The Pillowman. Is it a fanged creature of the night who

    suffocates you in your sleep? Or a dude that rescues children from their

    daytime nightmares? The only way to find out is to attend tonight

    opening performance at the Little Stage Theater. We'll have a review

    for you on Monday.


  • Seen on Late Night With Conan O'Brien to The Office, comedian

    Patrice O'Neal takes his jokes to the Miami Improv this weekend. We

    have high expectations: He began his career as a heckler who outfunnied

    the guy onstage at a club in Boston.

  • Miami garage-band Lil Daggers play Kill Your Idol on Saturday

    night. While you're there, take time to admire Taylor Kienholz's "Amor

    Y Muerte."

  • We told you about the exhibit and gave you a play-by-play of the bus


    , so why haven't you been to Bas Fischer Invitational to see "Weird


    " yet? Shameful, that's what you are.


  • It's a pretty quiet Sunday this week. Maybe sip some Nyquil and

    go see robotic tyrannosaurus rexes, apatosauruses, triceratopses,

    maiasauras, and a smoke-spewing volcano at Dino Island? Or read a book.

    Your choice.

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