How to Get Cast in Big Brother Season 16

Do your wildest dreams include people watching you eat, sleep and (if you get lucky) have sex? CBS's long-running voyeur wet dream is casting for season 16, and they're making a stop at Cameo this weekend. Big Brother is watching - if you want.

If exhibitionism is on your list of dos, now's your chance to air your own dirty laundry, and because we'd love nothing more than to see Miamians making fools of themselves on television, we spoke to casting producer Jesse Tannenbaum for tips on how to get noticed.

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Stand out from the crowd.

"I'm looking for someone who stands out in that line," Tannenbaum says. "Who's the one who pops? Mainly it's personality. We look for people who aren't shy. This is a show that's very invasive. We look for the type of personality that doesn't care what people think."

But don't sing. Or wear a costume.

"Some people do stuff like that to stand out but I'm just distracted. I'm not listening and you just wasted 45 seconds singing a song. Do not do that."

Talk about yourself.

"Give us a slice of your life. We want to learn something about you we'd never guess from looking at you. Tell us something interesting about yourself."

Don't be generic.

"We don't like broad and general statements like, 'I'm competitive, I'm athletic.' What does that mean? What does competitive mean? What does athletic mean?"

Be silly.

"For me, I like humor, so someone that is so comfortable in their skin; they don't mind being silly, being playful and having fun. I understand for them it's stressful, but I'm just a normal guy. I'm one of them. I like people that can come in that room and just enjoy the process -- people that are having fun with the process rather than looking like they're freaked out or stressed out."

Be yourself. You can't fake that.

"Be who you are. Don't censor yourself. Be who you are."

The open casting call kicks off at Cameo this Saturday from 12 to 3 p.m. Producers promise to see everyone who shows by 3 p.m., and callbacks will be held the following week. Auditions are open to anyone 21 and up. If you can't make the audition, you can email your info. Please include a couple recent pictures and a brief bio on yourself -- age, vocation, marital status, etc. Visit CBS.com/casting or email jesse@kasstinginc.com.

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