How Can I Spice Up My Sex Life?

You know Miami stripper Skrawberry for her rap skills, her political commentary,

and of course, her sexy moves on the pole. Now, you'll also know her

for her sound advice. In this weekly column, Skraw responds to readers'

questions about life, love, and beyond. Got a question for Skraw? Hit

her up at skrawberry@miaminewtimes.com.

Dear Skraw,

Me and my baby daddy been together now more than a decade now. We've had our ups and downs like any other couple. The thing is, I can't think of any new ways to spice things up. We've done it everywhere & anywhere. Every and any position. We've been to strip clubs together. (I so heart you, BTW). To spice it up, I'm stuck. So can you help us out please?

Bold But Bored

Hi, Bold,

First of all, you don't need me to tell you that you are bored in your relationship. Y'all been together 10 years, and sex between y'all just isn't excite'n as it was before. You're bored or neither of you is interested in the other partner. The sexual attraction is gone!

That makes your situation tricky, because you don't wanna do anything drastic while you're both so bored. You don't wanna invite anyone in the bedroom with you, because you just might regret it!

My advice? Absence make the heart grow fonder. Maybe y'all need to separate, or be friends for a minute, and see where that takes you. You described y'all relationship to me as friends with benefits anyway! So get some space, and see how much y'all really need each other. If it's a lot, the make-up sex will be killer. And if it's not too much, maybe it's time to move on.


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