Hit Man Flick Wins Miami Film Race

Miami can't seem to catch a break when it comes to being associated with gun violence. The above short film is "Debrief," voted Best Film of the

Miami Film Race 2010

, where two hit men have to figure out a way to hit their mark, a shut-in. The national Film Racing competition swept through Miami in May and gave local filmmakers 24 hours to make a short film using a surprise theme and element. This year, Miami's theme was lazy and its element was a cupcake. (We get the lazy, but we've had better cupcakes.)

"Debrief" was made by OD 25 Productions, founded by University of Miami alum Celso Peruyera, now the technical director of FIU's theater department, and by his brother Alex, also a UM alum. Oh, and the actor who plays the sniper in the short is actually classified as an Army marksmen. It's nice to know that wartime killing tactics have application in the civilian world.

In a few short months, the Film Racing Tour will wrap up in the

remaining U.S. cities and "Debiref" will compete against other cities' best films for national awards and cold, hard cash. Take a look at last

year's national winner, "Blowing Bubbles," to see what we might

be up against. It's a film from Minneapolis about gangsta clowns :

Here are the rest of the Miami Film Race winners:

1st Runner-Up:  "Death Inc." by SeDan
2nd Runner-Up:  "Slack-Off" by WTS?!
3rd Runner-Up:  "Breakdown" by The Canvas Society
4th Runner-Up:  ''MouthFull" by Ocean Drive Cinema

Audience Award - "Debrief" by OD 25 Productions
Best Direction - "Debrief" by OD 25 Productions
Best Leading Actor - "Debrief" by OD 25 Productions
Best Leading Actress -"Death Inc." by SeDan
Best Acting Ensemble - "Death Inc." by SeDan
Best Writing - "Debrief" by OD 25 Productions
Best Cinematography - "Death Inc." by SeDan
Best Editing - [tie] "Breakdown" by The Canvas Society & "Debrief" by OD 25 Productions
Best Original Music Score - "PAD The Movie" by VenomVs.Carnage
Best Sound Design - "Slack-Off" by WTS?!
Best Set Design - "Slack-Off" by WTS?!
Best Costume Design - [tie] "PAD The Movie" by VenomVs.Carnage & "Slack-Off" by WTS?!

**The original title of this post was Snuff Flick Wins Miami Film Race. As no shots are fired and no one is killed in the short, the title was changed to Hit Man Flick Wins Miami Film Race. We regret the error.

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