Hipster Puppies, This Is Why You're Fat, and Other Recent Blog Books

After Eva Talmadge told us about her blog-book deal on literary tattoos (that was actually more book-deal to blog), we wondered what other web logs have recently landed book advances. (We're just thinking out-loud here, bosses. Plus, everyone knows there's no real money in books anymore.)

Everyone surely remembers the success stories of Cake Wrecks and Stuff White People Like. Sh*t My Days Says even went from hilarious tweets of "The baby will talk when he talks, relax. It ain't like he knows the cure for cancer and he just ain't spitting it out" to a sitcom starring the one and only William Shatner. Here are five tumblr blogs that have recently landed book deals. Look for them at a Urban Outfitters near you.

Hipster Puppies

As far we as we can tell, this blog is just pics of little dogs dressed in

scarves, fedoras, neon sunglasses, and thick-rimmed glasses. Throw in a

few cans of PBR and viola, book deal.

This Is Why You're Fat

At once nauseating and drool-inducing, these are photos of grotesquely

gluttonous dishes:  KFC Double Downs sandwiched between two glazed

donuts (above), a chocolate cake covered in spaghetti (why?!?), and deep fried

stout deer cupcakes, which, let's be honest, sound completely awesome. America, this is why you're fat and why your gross all the other countries out.

Animals With Casts

Gawking at feline and canine gimps might seem mean, but the little maimed

nuggets just look so damn cute in their tiny casts. And really, is

there a quicker way to enter publishing than waving around a photo

collection of cute kittens in need?

My Parents Were Awesome

Featured on NPR, Eric Glazer blogs photos of people's parents before

they spawned any offspring. The images are especially helpful for

illustrating to young children that once upon a time, mommy and daddy

had a life (and a questionable sense of fashion and facial hair).

Dear Old Love

Enough with the reposting of pictures, this blog collects short missives between lovers. Some samples:

  • "Why couldn't you love me then as much as you love weed now?"

  • "You shouldn't have feared our love. But you should fear my psychotic ex-girlfriend tendencies."

  • "It shouldn't make my heart flutter like this just to see that we're both viewing the same Google doc at the same time."

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Amanda McCorquodale