Hip-Hop, You Don't Stop

Conversations about the old-school days of hip-hop don’t get very far before someone brings up Sugar Hill Gang. These three dudes from New Jersey were the first to break onto the Billboard charts with a recorded rap hit. Even if you don’t particularly like rap music, you know their jam from 1979. “Rapper’s Delight” is a bona fide classic, and it continues to be a fan favorite across the board. Prince Markie Dee is another old-school hero with just as much clout. His Fat Boys crew reigned during the ’80s and helped catapult rap music to the commercial heights it has reached today. As a writer, Prince Markie Dee has found lots of success penning hits for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey.
Sat., May 17, 7 p.m., 2014
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