Art Basel Miami Beach

Highlights From Pulse Art Fair 2009

If you're not afraid of a little color, and we mean that in almost all senses of the word, Pulse Art Fair was for you. With a strong commitment to new works and contemporary artists, Pulse gives you a window into the mind of young artists. And what you'll find, more often than not, is a subversive, technicolor dreamscape.

We totally did look inside that hole, but the video in there wasn't as exciting as the instructions.

​Yeah, they done hung Mickey Mouse.

Who says the art world is an unquestionably liberal realm?

​The photo can't really capture this work. It was inside a room, with a sign on the floor asking you to take off your shoes. I didn't see it enforced, but everyone did. Once inside, you saw this image projected in an ever-narrowing room.

​The Okay Mountain Corner Store had a drastically different sales strategy but seemed more than a little reminiscent of Xu Zhen's ShanghART Supermarket, which was on display at Basel a few years ago.

​If I had the money, I'd buy this piece for Sweat Records.

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Kyle Munzenrieder