Here's Kate Upton Getting Spanked by Flo Rida (VIDEO)

The headline says it all, really. Miami person Flo Rida spanked Florida model, cat daddy champion, and frostbite victim Kate Upton during a performance at a technology convention Wednesday.

According to TMZ, this performance took place at a "Spring 2013 Launch Party" thrown by Samsung at the Museum of American Finance in New York City. According to Wikipedia, the Museum of American Finance is "the nation's only independent public museum dedicated to preserving, exhibiting, and teaching about American finance and financial history."

Yawn. Back to the spanking.

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The video below raises so many questions. Do rich nerds really love Flo Rida's music? Why is Kate Upton dancing so poorly? Why is she dressed like a flight attendant? Could their chemistry together possibly be more awkward? Will Flo Rida still be performing "Low" 30 years from now? Does this mean Kate Upton's prom date gets to spank her too?

We don't have the answers, just this very important cultural triumph caught on video. One day, you'll tell your grandchildren about this moment.

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