Here's a Design District Model Shoveling Dirt, Courtesy of Miami Fashion's Night Out

Fashionistas, models and designers alike are prepping their party pants for this year's Fashion's Night Out, scheduled to strut its stuff in the Design District on September 6. To promote the event, BRPR Group recently released a promo video that can best be described as cryptic.

The video is less than forthcoming about, well, anything. And as much as we love watching a skinny chick in an evening gown hack at sidewalks with a shovel, after a minute and a half, we were left in a state of confusion about anything that's actually happening this year. So we reached out for the scoop behind all the seductive, slo-mo dirt hauling.

We have the video, and more details on what's happening at this year's FNO, after the jump.

The event is a partnership between creative digital agency BRPR Group, who's handling all digital initiatives, and real estate company Dacra, which is organizing the events itself.

As far as actual events scheduled for the evening, the organizers tell us Soho Beach House's Cowshed will be hosting an exclusive membership-only event in the Design District's new event space on 40th Street.

Stores in the area will reportedly be hosting satellite events, all yet to be announced.

That's the word from the team thus far. The event website has not yet been updated to reflect this year's info, so interested parties should stay tuned.

As far as BRPR's digital plans? They've got all kinds of social media surprises up their sleeves.

In one initiative, they'll be launching a contest where users who respond to prompts via Twitter and Instagram will be able to see their photos posted on walls at different locations in the Design District on September 6.

Additionally, a Twitter scavenger hunt will take place at various stores in the vicinity. The first user to tweet a photo from each location with a specific item will win a gift bag. Said gift bag will include the swag they took snapshots of.

When it comes to the video, BRPR rep Lauren Monzon tells us chief creative director Gerard Bush and senior art director Ivan Nava, created it "in hopes of taking what could be seen as a disadvantage -- the several construction zones throughout the Design District -- and use it to show progress and evolution of the area."

Basically, they're looking to mark the area as an international destination for luxury retail.

"With hundreds of retweets and thousands of views, we are very pleased with the response so far," she noted.

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