Heat Forward Dorell Wright Busted in Miami Beach Bentley DUI, Updated With Police Report

Awhile back, Riptide wondered who might be the next celebrity to get busted driving drunk in a Bentley on Miami Beach.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. At 3:37 this morning, Heat forward Dorell Wright was busted "driving erratically" in his 2005 Bentley, according to TMZ. He didn't have insurance information on him and was driving with a suspended license.

A glance at his Miami-Dade driving record reveals Wright has a history of problems on the road. In 2005, he was fined for illegally parking in a handicapped spot. In May 2008, he was busted doing 60 in a 35 mph zone and paid a $184 fine. He's been ticketed for running stop signs three times since 2008, and the last two times, in October 2009, he failed to appear before a judge, hence the suspended license.

UPDATE: Click through for the police report. This dude was a mess.

Wright Redacted

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