Head North for a Laugh

Some only head to Broward for the drugs, some for the Cracker Barrel, and tonight a trip up 95 could have similar side effects (euphoria, giddy laughter, intestinal agitation, etc) -- minus the shrinking balls and covert racism. At 8 p.m., Cedric "The Entertainer" headlines the annual comedy portion of the festival formerly known as Zo's Summer Groove (now The Summer Groove hosted by Zo and D. Wade). Gary Owens and Marvin Dixon will join Ced on stage and NBA glitterati like King James and Carmello Anthony are expected to attend and sit front row, obstructing the view of anyone lucky enough to sit behind them.

Adding to the funny quotient, at 9:45, comedian Jamie Kennedy will open the new Wet Willie's at the Seminole's Improv Comedy Club with a ceremonial guitar smash. We're guessing that it won't break upon impact, causing Jamie to (hopefully) humorously continue hitting the ground, making the craving for a Call a Cab even more intense. Now that's how you sell product. Purchase tickets for Jamie's Improv shows tonight and tomorrow here.  

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