Have You Ever Been Mello?

For the past couple of months, your Mondays have been moody, miserable, and muddled. More than once you've wondered, Where have my sexy vibes and happy feelings gone? You've even found yourself in the midtown area, looking for the cool kids who used to run to the District for a reprieve from the week that had only just begun. Now you can wipe that malcontented look from your face and sport the peaceful Mona Lisa smile again, because Mello Mondays are back to save you from the blues.

The groove of this spoken-word dinner party has moved a little farther north, to Bluster, but other than the locale, everything else has remained the same. It's still the best spot to vibe with an eclectic crowd while the rhythms of hip-hop and the lyricism of poetry float around you; there's still better-than-bar food for you to nosh on, and you'll still wash away the madness and end up feeling Mello. HBO Def Poet Asia will host, and local and national artists will hit the stage all night — politically conscious rappers Dead Prez just rocked the mike for the grand opening. Tickets start at ten bucks before 10 p.m. Doors open at 8.
Mondays, 8 p.m., 2008
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Raina McLeod
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