Have Seven Days of Sex, Do It For The Baby Jesus

What in the Lord's name is going on with religion in this country? Some Christian leaders have decided that The Bible is subtitled "Jesus Christ's Guide To Sex," and are spending all their time on the pulpit preaching about what you should do with your noo-nees and hee-haws.

On the scarier side, you have people using The Bible to decide which kind of legal agreements people should be able to enter. On the just plain creepy side, you've got preachers advocating an event called "Seven Days of Sex."

Meet Pastor Ed Young. He's totally cool, he understands. He's not stuffy and out of it like those other men of God. You can tell by his peroxide dye job, his crucifix choker, and his tendency to preach in whisker fade, boot cut jeans. The man has built up an empire of churches, with four campuses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and another right here in Miami.

He's advocating that his married parishioners take up his challenge to have seven days of sex. He jokes that "that's just a normal week" for his wife and him, which does not make me want to gouge my mind's eye out with a dull spork at all.

Video of the "Seven Days of Sex," uh, teaser after the jump.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

Lust Vegas Week 2 Promo from Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

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