Havaianas Opens First Miami Storefront on Lincoln Road

Havaianas flip flops have become an essential part of the Miami beach uniform in recent years, inspiring men and women alike to ditch those $2 sandals from Old Navy in favor of the slim straps and eye-catching colors and designs of the Brazilian brand. It's impossible to walk down Lincoln Road without seeing at least a couple pairs on the feet of passersby.

But despite Havaianas' popularity on South Beach, the line has never opened its own store in Miami, relying on second-party sellers like Ricky's NYC to distribute the goods. Until now, that is.

Havaianas will open its own dedicated storefront on Lincoln Road in October, the company announced last week.

Taking over the storefront at 831 Lincoln Road, the Havaianas store will open in mid-October this year, with 640 square feet of space dedicated to, well, flip flops, mostly. In addition to Havaianas' regular stock, the store will also offer a "Make Your Own Havaianas" option, letting customers customize their sandals by picking different-colored flip-flop straps and soles.

(Sounds like a lot more effort than any pair of plastic shoes merits, but go ahead, Havaianas enthusiasts, and knock yourselves out.)

Miami's the first city to get its own Havaianas store; more locations are planned for New York and Los Angeles. But perhaps the most surprising element of Havaianas' announcement is this: the new store will also carry the brand's "Closed Toe Sole Collection."

Closed toe Havaianas? That's crazy talk, people.

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