Handicapped Florida Pig Chris P. Bacon Pens a Book Deal

Kids today have it rough. They have to deal with technology overload, bullies, and Edward Cullen as their fictional role model (shudder).

Frankly, not since Harry Potter has there been anyone worth looking up to on the shelves of local bookstores. But lucky for kiddos everywhere, Florida's own pig on wheels and worldwide sensation Chris P. Bacon is about to become a literary protagonist -- and he's a hero if there ever was one.

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Thanks to all-around good guy and vet Dr. Len Lucero of Clermont, Florida, Chris, who was born without working back legs, escaped the needle as a wee piglet. Since then, the saucy little oinker and his makeshift wheelchair have gone on to become a shining beacon of hope for kids (and grown ups) everywhere.

"I didn't do any of this thinking one day I'll be famous or send some global message. I was just doing it because it was the right thing to do," Lucero says.

Despite that, Chris P. and his curly-tailed charm have officially hit the big time. Lucero and Chris just signed a three book deal with Hay House, the world's largest self-help and motivational publisher.

Lucero said they reached out about putting Chris' story to paper -- and he liked their style.

"We started talking and they were funny -- my kind of people. It was one of those weird moments where everything just clicked." So the pig's attorney got involved, and a contract was signed.

Kids can undoubtedly learn a hell of a lot more from a big-hearted handicapped pig than they can from the likes of their other examples (Justin Bieber anyone?).

The father and son team will be working alongside co-author Kristina Tracy, who's penned children's books with Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Deepak Chopra and other big names. The first book, geared towards children ages 4-10, is scheduled to hit shelves this fall. And we're betting it's a big hit.

Since we last checked in with Chris, he's gotten bigger than The Rock (not literally, of course -- Chris still weighs in at only 25 pounds).

While YouTube first propelled the piglet to fame, he's since appeared on the Today Show, ABC Action News and soon, TMZ.

But according to Lucero, international attention hasn't changed their lives a whole lot, other than the floods of calls, messages and requests to meet Chris. All of which he welcomes.

Chris, on the other hand, might be letting the fame go to his head a bit, his dad reports.

"He is demanding! If his water isn't the right temperature he'll sit there and oink at me. It's gone straight to his head!"

Lucero also says he's working to keep Chris from becoming the next Amanda Bynes.

"I gotta be a dad and keep him off drugs. They start off young!"

All jokes aside, Chris and his dad spend time visiting kids, often with muscular dystrophy or other health issues, and spreading a message of hope. An amateur therapy pig of sorts.

"He's just a little pig with a big heart," Lucero adds.

Undoubtedly, his books will spread the same kind of message.

"It's got a lot of parts to it. My story with him, a story of compassion. His story is about overcoming obstacles and then finally perseverance," Lucero says.

He says the first book will lead into the other two. Eventually, he hopes Chris' message makes it all the way to Hollywood. So do we. That beats Babe any day.

You can follow the adventures of Chris P on Facebook,YouTube and his website.

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