Gulf Stream Magazine Switching to Online Only Format

Another day, another publication finding ways to stay afloat in this economy. Except this time around the magazine in question has actual literary merit, and the staff isn't too bummed about the changes being made.

Gulf Stream Magazine, the literary journal published by FIU's lauded Creative Writing Program, will be switching to an online format for its next issue. Citing overall cuts in funding to the arts, the magazine's current Execuitve Editor Corey Ginsberg says that the publication was unable to find a grant to cover its printing costs this year, but is excited about the multimedia opportunities an online format offers.

"It will be as much fun as it is to put out a print version. We'll also be able to do things like hypertext poetry and visual poetry," said Ginsberg, "We're publishing a youth section now that features works by students from Kindergarten to High School."

Hey, there's nothing wrong with writing things that only appear online (at least that's what I tell myself every day). The first issue of Gulf Stream Online will be up in early December, and the publication will keep its bi-annual format.

The journal receives no funding from the University, but hopes to receive a grant this year so it can return to a print edition soon.

"It only costs $3000 to put out a print issue, we're not asking for millions," said Ginsberg. (hint, hint: info on becoming a benefactor can be found here.)

The journal was founded in 1989 by Lynne Barrett, and is now under the auspices of FIU professor and noted novelist John Dufresne. It has published works by such writers as Ha Jin, Stuart Dybek and Ann Hood.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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