Great Find: Jaweater at Hip.e

Miami may be one of the vainest cities

in the country -- but at least we look good doing it. In that spirit,

we're indulging our love of the superficial by spotlighting fashion

finds in the 305.

The Find: A Jaweater, a jacket/sweater by Heather. The vest of the jacket is lambskin leather with an asymmetrical zipper and shawl lapels. The sleeves and back are wool of a non-itchy variety. The color listed on the tag is mink. I looked that up to see exactly what color mink is, and there's an Essie nail polish called Mink Muffs -- I take the Essie color specialists at their word, so mink it is.

The Shop: Hip.e is a boutique at the top of Miracle Mile, the closest shop to Coral Gables City Hall and the statue of George Merrick that looks like... well, like something's... up with it. At Hip.E you'll find some reliable, hip brands like Elizabeth and James, J Brand, Halston Heritage and Diane von Furstenberg cover-ups.

An entire island in the center of the store is devoted to denim of all

colors and cuts, but the real draw is the sales. This week, taking up

the whole western wall of the store, is a killer 50% off sale. (Be

warned though: there's also a white, cotton tee for more than a


While it might at first glance look like a swanky

cougars paradise, the owners have a good eye for wearable staples and

event specialties alike.

The Reason: Why would you invest

in both a lambskin leather jacket and a well-tailored sweater in this

sweaty city? Especially when you can blow your whole winter wardrobe

budget (do you have one of those?) on this jaweater and have the best of

both worlds. Sure, it's a recognizable piece, in its mink color, but up

north you wear the same winter coat for a whole season, so wear this

everyday that it's cold... in your office? House? And those few days

it's cold outside.

The Cost: $595

The Style:

This one's a no-brainer. Wear it with boyfriend jeans cuffed messily at

the bottom and a white tee or a bright one for, as Brad Goreski says, a

P.O.C.,  or pop of color. (I can't stop watching the really terrible

and terribly uninteresting Brad, Brad World on Bravo -- anyone

else?) This is the ultimate winter staple, and you can pair it with

anything, which is the only reason a jaweater worth more than half a

thousand dollars is worth mentioning. If you're into that pretend-winter

look that's absolutely ubiquitous this time of year in the Sunshine

State, you can really stretch out the bang for the buck and pair it with

a pair of jean shorts, the frayed edge just peeking out from under the


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Patricia Guarch Wise