Grand Central Park's Private Skate Park Opens Today UPDATED

UPDATE: The skate park opening has been moved to Friday, Feb. 22.

Grand Central Park, the temporary park on the site of the former Miami Arena, is opening its own private skate park today. The "DIY" facility claims to be the only place within miles of Downtown Miami where skaters can legally skate.

The new park comprises six concrete benches with steel rails, set up across 15,000 sq. ft. Urban activist Brad Knoefler and the Sandra E. James Foundation shelled out $25,000 to give Miami skaters a place to call their own.

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But is it really the only private property in Miami where skaters can skate? Of course not -- my backyard is a private area where I could skate to my heart's content, if I possessed the willpower and athletic talent to do that sort of thing. (I do not.)

But the skate park, though technically private, isn't really all that private; in fact, it's about as public as a private institution can be. It's open to members of the park, and membership is available for free at the park's website. A few clicks of a mouse, and you're in.

So rejoice, skaters. Sure, in this weather, it's unlikely you'll be shredding -- that's a skateboard term, right? -- today. But if you're a skater in search of a threat-free place to do your thing, you'd better take advantage soon. The site was sold to developers in October, so your days of cost- and cop-free skating are numbered.

Visit grandcentralpark.org.

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