Got Jokes? Prove It at South Beach Comedy Festival Contest

A novelist, journalist, and blogger walk into a bar. The novelist asks for Johnny Walker Blue, neat. The journalist asks for a beer, a Heineken from the tap. Just as the blogger is about to order, he thinks about it and instead slaps the bartender, insults the novelist, and spits in the face of the journalist. But he gets all the drinks and walks out of the joint without paying and with the good looking redhead for the end booth. Oh yeah, and his stuff gets read a whole lot more than everyone else's.

Think that's a terrible joke? If you have better material and aren't afraid to say so, publicly, you might want to show up at the South Beach Comedy Festival's 2011 Decomedian Contest at the Improv starting at 3 p.m. on February 7. Read on for the details:

Hosted by the Improv and Deco Drive, the contest takes place in the lead

up to this year's South Beach Comedy Festival from March 2-5. Think

Last Comic Standing, minus the money and national exposure. Or American Idol, minus the singing and J-Lo's ass. Okay, we get the hint. We're not funny. Don't worry, we're not entering the contest.

But funny contestants are welcome to give their best 3 minutes worth of material.

Got some great dirty jokes, something about the Arizona shootings (trust

us, it's too soon!), or that broad you banged the other day? Well,

leave those jokes at home, contestants are warned to keep it clean (no

blue material) considering that winners will have their set filmed

during the finals on February 16, also at the Improv.

The finals will be aired on Deco Drive on February 21 to 25 with the

winner announced on the show on February 28. That gives the winner just

enough time to book at spot at the SBCF.

The 2011 Decomedian Contest will be held at the Miami Improv (3390 Mary

St., Miami) from 3 to 8 p.m. on February 7, with finalist invited back

on February 16. For more information on the festival go to:

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Sebastian del Mármol