Got Beaver Fever? Head to Chalk for Fashion and Free Booze

Compared to our Canadian cousins to the north, Miami's quite lacking in semi-aquatic buck-toothed rodents. 

But we're certainly not short on appreciation for the mighty beaver in its, uh, other incarnations. 

This eternal love of the feminine mystique has found its platform with Chalk's upcoming girl-friendly "Beaver Fever" weekend, featuring hot female DJs, style icons, tunes and booze.

The event kicks off Friday, June 22, with a party hosted by Canadian DJ duo Ess & Emm (Michelle Leshem and Sasha Lauzon). Saturday promises more treats for friends of the beaver, with a runway show featuring local designers and ultra-girly "Jolly Rancher" cocktails. 

Fans of the Canadian synth sound coming out of Toronto and Vancouver, Friday's femme DJ team set out to plan a night-long tribute to nu-disco tunes and girl DJs in Chalk's 6,600 square feet of social space. Nu disco, for newbies, is "Dance music taking its cue from the disco of the 70's and 80's with focus on textured, synthesizing and disco aesthetics. There are many vintage disco songs that are timeless that work perfectly with any 21st century electronic band like Rayko, Todd Terje, The Magician, Drrty Haze, In Flagranti, Cut Copy and a slew of others that are producing amazing melodic and groovy music," Leshem says.

This ode to our northern neighbors and tribute to Canada's national animals will include free Berry Canadian cocktails (prosecco with strawberry and raspberry puree and a splash of St. Germain) from 10 to 11 p.m. with RSVP (rsvp@chalkmiami.com).

Hosts and guests will include make up artist Aileen Quintana, DJ Heather Holiday Bonnie Beats, The Forge's Maxwell Blandford and Accustronic's Phaxas. Not to mention lots of other feisty females.

And for those who want to keep the party rolling through the weekend, Chalk's ping-pong tables will be commandeered for a technicolor summer fashion extravaganza on Saturday night. StyleRack is set to host a runway and trunk show whose luxe looks will cover the gamut from "French chic to rock grunge." Attendees can shop up a storm and score lots of candy-colored summer duds.

ShopBar's Candyland will feature local designers and stylists including Kat Turner's Vintage Picks and Nayture's Empire, as well as local fashion mavens from the blogs Le Pretty StellarViva VintThe Everyday Bombshell and Synthetic Candy.  

The sweet sips of Jolly Rancher cocktails (Midori, vodka, pineapple and candy garnish!) are free of charge from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. with RSVP (rsvp@chalkmiami.com), along with candy creations and other sweet treats. 

So cut loose and hear the mighty beaver roar at this girl power get-together.

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