Goodbye Solo Screens This Weekend

Forget Brüno. Forget Moon. Forget Public Enemies. Forget Harry Potter, Ice Age, Away We Go, Transformers, The Hangover, etc.

The movie you need to see this weekend is Rahim Bahrani's Goodbye Solo.

Don't believe me? Go to Metacritic and keep scrolling until you find a rating under 100. (It will take you awhile.) And be sure to pay attention to who's giving those 100s: New York Times, Slate, Chicago Sun-Times, S.F. Chronicle, Washington Post, etc. Even those sub-100 ratings are pretty stellar. For example, David Denby at The New Yorker loved it, but somehow his review is listed as an 80. WTF?

Anyway, watch the trailer, but remember that the people who make trailers tend to shoehorn unconventional stories (like this one) into familiar boxes.

The film will screen at our favorite art-house venue, the Miami Beach Cinematheque, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7:10 p.m. Tickets cost ten dollars for nonmembers.

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