Miami Muralist Golden 305 Shines at Wyn 317 Gallery
Courtesy of Wyn 317

Miami Muralist Golden 305 Shines at Wyn 317 Gallery

Wynwood has undergone a dramatic shift in the past several years. But amid the exodus of local art venues and the influx of upscale boutiques and restaurants, there is still a handful of galleries that remains in the Miami arts district despite skyrocketing rents. Wyn 317 is one such gallery that's managed to remain in the Miami arts district, providing the neighborhood with a roster of local and international talent that speak to the core of the regional art scene: public art. One of those artists, Golden 305, is the subject of a new show entitled "Heart of Gold."

"[The neighborhood] has evolved at such a rapid rate with high rises and new businesses opening and closing left and right," said gallery director Danelle Pino. "We've been lucky to be able to serve the community and the artists for as long as we have."

It's not just luck that's cemented Pino's gallery in Wynwood's ever changing landscape. Specializing in showcasing some of the top name's in public art, the venue plays to the neighborhood's strengths. The current show, features work from one of the most recognizable muralists in town.

Miami Muralist Golden 305 Shines at Wyn 317 Gallery
Courtesy of Wyn 317

Splitting his time between Miami and New York City, Golden 305's work is marked by vibrant colors, and offbeat characters that borrow heavily from anime and comic book illustrations. His lighthearted pieces are meant to inspire smiles, laughter—brightening up, monochromatic public spaces with touches whimsey.

"What makes Golden stand out from the rest is not only the cleanliness and craftsmanship of his work," Pino says," It's because his pieces truly bring a sense of well being and happiness. He's been striving to be amongst the best of the best when it comes to muralists this past year. We felt that a one man exhibition would be adequate for such a rising star in one of Miami's only gallery spaces exclusive to the urban arts. "

For a local cultural scene built on the back of public art — and with a bevy of new institutions devoted exclusively to contemporary art — it's unbelievable that venues like Wyn 317, which are devoted to showing top muralist, are rare. While most visitors to the district meander down Wynwood's streets snapping selfies, noshing on artisanal eats, and sipping expertly brewed libations, it's worth taking a trip to "Heart of Gold" to remember what started it all.

"Heart of Gold." 6 p.m. Thursday, February 1, through March 3 at Wyn 317, 167 NW 25th St., Miami; 305-761-1116; wyn317.com. Admission is free.

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