GLOW Gallery Ignites Wynwood for Art Basel

Art Basel brings the art world together in a very literal sense. Artists from all over the globe create works specifically to display during Basel, and the latest visual spectacle to fly in from over seas really glows. No, literally.

GLOW Gallery is "an independent visual arts brand that redefines the artistic experience through creating atmospheres from projections, visuals, and sound," say founders and artists Guillaume Lemaitre and Olivier Weppe. They go on to describe their works as "captured moments of time from a visual dialogue which one can discover from visiting our spaces."

At GLOW, Lemaitre and Weppe spend their time researching and studying concepts, philosophies, and ideas, they say. "Then, we film, paint, draw, and use a number of other techniques and technologies to push our concepts as far as possible."

Their latest project, which will be exhibited throughout the week, is titled "Alchemy."


"Alchemy" tells the story of transmutation as created by GLOW, say Lemaitre and Weppe: "Through blending atmospheres and mediums, 'Alchemy' reveals the narrative behind manipulating material and natural elements." The pair deems it a spectacle you need to experience for yourselves.

GLOW Gallery uses light and projection to transport the viewer into the cosmos, and after viewing their Alchemy trailer, the giant cloud explosion could possibly hint at their version of the creation of the universe. There's fire, blue ice crystals, and a collision of worlds.

At the exhibit, Lemaitre and Weppe will be showcasing the "Alchemy" film and have also brought over 11 pieces from their collection with them from Paris. They explain how the prints will be displayed, saying, "These prints are mounted onto aluminum backing covered with a thick acrylic glass overlay enhancing the depth and vibrancy."

"Our objective here was to create a sensory experience: the sound, smell, and temperature have all been curated to intensify the experience."

GLOW is still an infant in gallery years, but Lemaitre and Weppe say the concept had been in the making for quite some time. The two have a work history in the design industry and after making creative art for other brands for so many years, the time came to branch out on their own. "GLOW came about naturally," they say, adding that "now is the time to launch."

The gallery is based between Paris and London and will be presenting at Art Basel Miami Beach for the first time this week.

The GLOW Alchemy Concept Space will be located at Green Space Wynwood (310 NW 26 St., Miami) through Sunday, December 8, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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